Strengthening Children and Teens Against Anxiety

Strengthening Children and Teens Against Anxiety

How to strengthen all children and teens against anxiety, and build courage and resilience.

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Wednesday 25th October 6.30pm - 8.00pm

What could our children and teens do if they knew in their hearts they were brave enough? All children and teens are capable of their very own versions of greatness. For too many though, anxiety will shut down their capacity to discover their potential - but it doesn't have to be this way. This transformational session will provide the essential information and strategies to help all parents and carers support children and adolescents to build courage and resilience, uncover their strengths, and take anxiety back to small enough. We will discuss ways to nurture the skills and qualities that will
strengthen all children for life. Participants will learn:

- a new, empowering way for children, teens, and adults to think about anxiety, and how to use this to manage anxiety;
- the different ways anxiety can manifest, and what to do;
- the connection between anxiety and learning, and how to switch on the learning brain;
- the connection between anxiety and performance (exams, on stage, sports) and how to get anxiety out of the way;
- why anxiety can look like anger, and how to respond;
- the power of parents to move children towards brave behaviour, and how to do this when anxiety is in the way;
- how to respond to anxiety in the moment to make way for calm and courage;
- building their toolkit - the proven strategies for young people to calm anxiety;
- how to build the mindset that will strengthen against anxiety and make way for brave behaviour;
- how to build the solid neural foundations of resilience in all children.

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