2023 Prep Transition Program

At Murrumbeena Primary School we run an extensive transition program to help support both parents and students get ready for their first year of school.


Our Parent Information Evening will be held on Tuesday 29th November, from 6.30pm - 7.30pm in the hall. The parent information session will provide our new prep parents with an overview of the school curriculum as well as general information about teaching and learning at Murumbeena Primary School. 


To ensure a smooth start to school life, we provide a comprehensive 4-session transition program for all enrolled future prep students during term 4. 


The aim of these sessions is to provide an opportunity for our future preps to visit the school, become familiar with their new environment, get to know their future classmates as well as many of the staff, and start to feel a part of the school community. 


Our 2023 Prep Transtion Program commences in Term 4.


Class of 2023 Prep Transition Timetable


    Group A Group B
Transition Visit 1

Friday 21st


9.10 - 10.30 2.00 - 3.20
Transition Visit 2 Friday 4th November  9.10 - 10.30 2.00 - 3.20
Transition Visit 3 Friday 18th November 9.10 - 10.30 2.00 - 3.20
Transition Visit 4 Friday 2nd December 2.00 - 3.20 2.00 - 3.20
Statewide Transition Day Tuesday 13th December 9.00 - 1.00 9.00 - 1.00


Year 6 - 7 Transition Program

Enrolling in a government secondary school


If your child is seeking a place in Year 7 at a secondary school next year, you will need to:

If your secondary school preferences include a school or schools that are not your designated neighbourhood school, you should read about School zones and how they work and how applications are prioritised using the Department’s Placement Policy found on Enrolling in school webpage.


Year 7 placement is decided by secondary schools. However, all communication about your child's placement must be with the

Year 6 Coordinator or Transition Coordinator at your child's primary school until the placement is confirmed.

You will receive notification of your child's Year 7 placement offer on Wednesday 20 July 2022.



Statewide Transition Day

At Murrumbeena Primary School we will be holding a transition day for all of our students. All students enrolling for 2023 will meet their classroom teacher and spend time with their 2023 class.


All government secondary schools will host a Year 7 Orientation Day (for Year 6 students) on Tuesday 13 December 2022.


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