L.O.T.E. (Japanese)

Students throughout the school participate in a language program which involves exposure to, and the development of, speaking and listening and reading and writing skills in the Japanese language.


Cultural awareness activities are also incorporated into the Japanese LOTE program to foster an appreciation for, and an understanding of, diversity between other cultures and their own.

Many links are made between the units if inquiry being studied in the classroom and the Japanese classroom.



A specialist music teacher supports the work of classroom teachers. Each class has a weekly lesson in the music room with the specialist teacher, and the older students are encouraged to join the school choir. In their music lesson, students are provided with opportunities to sing, listen, play and move to music, and to gain natural enjoyment.

The music room is equipped with a broad range of percussion instruments, both melodic and non-melodic. These are used at all year levels to enrich and accompany songs, as well as for ensemble arrangements. Xylophones (bass, alto and soprano) provide a basis for an Orff approach to instrumental composition. Students in Years 3 - 4 learn the descant recorder as a part of class lessons. Those who play other musical instruments are encouraged to participate in solo and ensemble performances.
Musical items presented by class groups, individual children, the school choir, or instrumental groups, are shared with the school community at Monday morning assemblies.


Performances for the wider community are also considered an important function of the music program. We have an annual concert where all students have an opportunity to sing, dance, dress up and perform on stage. This is one of many highlights of our school year.


Dance and Drama

Dance and drama activities are incorporated into classroom programs and are designed to supplement the units of inquiry. Specific dance units are covered in physical education lessons every two years.



All students participate in a weekly session with a specialist teacher in our well-equipped art/craft room. The visual arts program aims to develop each child’s innate and acquired artistic knowledge and skills in a happy, relaxed atmosphere. The students are given opportunities to explore a variety of media and develop skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, modelling, threads and textiles, construction and sculpture. They are taught the correct use and care of tools, equipment and materials, and are given
basic instruction in techniques.

The child centred program values promote self-esteem, and ensure the students gain enjoyment in the program and satisfaction with their achievements. The specialist program supplements the visual arts activities that take place in classrooms. Displays of the student’s artwork are placed around the school enabling both parents and children to view and appreciate the variety of art work being produced at different year levels.


Murrumbeena Primary School has been highly commended for its Physical and Sport Education program. Each week, all children (Prep - Year 6) participate in regular Physical Education lessons conducted by the Physical Education specialist teacher. Class teachers take additional Physical and Sport Education lessons. Through Physical and Sport Education and activity programs within the classroom, the children have ample opportunity to maintain fitness, and to develop a range of physical skills.

Units of learning are focussed on movement exploration – gymnastics, fundamental motor skills, ball handling, athletics, dance, minor and major games, outdoor and adventure education, and sport education.


As the school has an on-site indoor heated swimming pool, all children, Prep - 6 have access to an annual intensive swimming program. Students in Years 4 - 6 are eligible to try out for and compete in the local, zone and state swimming and diving championships. Instruction is modelled on The Royal Life Saving Society’s ‘Swim and Survive’ Program. Lessons are structured to take the children through the stages of water discovery, exploration, water safety and swimming techniques.


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