Language learning is an integral part of all areas of the school curriculum and as such is a vital factor in all learning experiences. We aim to provide success in language for all children by offering a strategic and comprehensive program. We endeavour to make authentic connections to the program of inquiry wherever this supports the child’s understanding. Students are exposed to a balanced program covering the literacy components of Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.


Every teacher will carefully differentiate the learning for students in their class. Reading Recovery provides a second opportunity for children in Year 1 who, despite quality programs, are not developing effective reading and writing processes. An individualised program is designed in response to the particular needs of the child. Each child in the program has a daily thirty minute Reading Recovery session with the specially trained teacher in addition to regular reading and writing activities in class. The program builds on strengths, encouraging success and independence. It enables the child to become an independent reader within a short space of time.


Emphasis is on the children developing at their own level by building on previous experiences and knowledge. They are exposed to a wide range of literature, and engaged in some form of written and spoken language daily. Parental involvement is vital to the success of literacy.


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