The school addresses bullying as part of the Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy. Children are taught about the different forms of bullying, and what to do if bullying behaviour is identified. The school encourages open communication with teachers as to concerns relating to any form of bullying or inappropriate behaviour. As an eSmart school, cyber bullying is incorporated in the curriculum.


All concerns are acted upon and parents informed.


The Student Wellbeing Coordinator meets with teachers and students on a regular basis to specifically identify and respond to acts of bullying and inappropriate behaviour.



Extra Curricular Activities
Murrumbeena Primary School provides a wide range of extracurricular opportunities in addition to our comprehensive standard curriculum. Examples include many sporting opportunities such as the Weetbix Tryathlon, Rugby League, Kelly Sports, Gymnastics and Aerobics. There are also opportunities for children to participate in activities such as Choir, Singing Groups, Junior Dance, Tournament of Minds and Chess Club.


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