Children must have reached 5 years of age by the end of April in their first year of school.


Enrolment of Preps for the following year is invited each year. Prospective parents are asked to telephone the school office and make an appointment to complete the necessary forms. Parents are most welcome to tour the school and discuss its programs and philosophy with the Principal or Assistant Principal. Tours are conducted regularly in terms 1, 2 & 3 and dates will be advertised on the school website and in our newsletter. Evidence of the child’s address and date of birth must be produced (original birth certificate, passport) when enrolling.


Parents are also required to produce a certificate of immunisation against Measles, Mumps, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio. A child cannot start school without an immunisation certificate. The school will keep these records. If the child is not immunised they may be excluded from school for a set period of time, in the event of an outbreak of one of these diseases.

Invitations are given to the children enrolled to commence school the following year to attend a transition program towards the end of the year prior to their admission. A Prep Information meeting for parents is held in term 4.


2023 Enrolment Form

(ii) Other Children
Enrolment of other children may be processed at any time, subject to meeting age and address eligibility requirements. 


(iii) Students with Disabilities
Our school supports the integration of children with disabilities. Parents who wish to enrol a child with a disability should contact the Principal or Assistant Principal for further information, and facilitate early application for resources or funding.


(iv) Neighbourhood Boundary
The school has a designated neighbourhood zone. In the event of an excess of enrolment applications, the following order of priority applies:

  • Students residing within the designated neighbourhood area as defined on the school’s neighbourhood boundary map.
  • Students residing at the same address as an older sibling who is attending the school.
  • Other students from outside the designated area, in order of closeness of the home to the school.
  • In exceptional circumstances, students may be enrolled where there are significant extenuating family or individual circumstances. Due to excessive enrolments over recent years, we have only been able to accept in-zone and sibling applications.


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