Wellbeing at Murrumbeena Primary School

The school encourages a positive wellbeing program where children learn strategies to deal with conflict in a supportive classroom climate. Emphasis is on building the self-esteem and resilience of each individual and developing sound social skills. The classroom teacher has a major role in the pastoral care of each student. In addition, the school has student wellbeing coordinators at each area of the school to offer further support to students and parents.


Parents are encouraged to work in partnership with the school in the wellbeing program. Agreed classroom expectations and consequences (Class Essential Agreements) are distributed to parents each year, and a consistent whole school approach involving parents, staff and outside services, if necessary, ensures the pastoral care is of high importance. Programs such as Peer Support, Peer Mediation and Buddies provide leadership and support between students.


Restorative Practices help build capacity to enable students to self regulate behaviour and to maintain and restore relationships.

Circle Time brings together teacher and student in an environment of co-operation. It is a time set aside when children and their teacher sit in a circle and take part in discussions, games and activities designed to increase self awareness, awareness of others, self esteem, co-operation, trust and listening skills. The activity helps everyone to understand what is important to them and their friends. Children become more able to express their feelings and it encourages greater tolerance between girls and boys. Aschildren learn more about themselves and each other a warm and supportive group atmosphere is built, along with improved relationships.


The core attributes of the PYP Learner Profile (thinkers, inquirers, communicators, risk takers, open-minded, caring, principled, reflective, knowledgeable and balanced) are reinforced at school assemblies, in classrooms and in the playground. ‘Values bear’ awards are presented at assemblies to classes displaying specific attributes.


Through our Primary Years Program (PYP) we foster the attitudes of: Appreciation, Commitment, Confidence, Cooperation, Creativity, Curiosity, Empathy, Enthusiasm, Independence, Integrity, Respect and Tolerance.


Our school values and the PYP attitudes apply directly to expected behaviours in the classroom, playground and society in general. Our class Essential Agreements reflect these values and attitudes and we ask our students to ‘live by’ these.


Wellbeing Documents
Murrumbeena Primary School has a variety of wellbeing documents and resources, to guide and support the whole school community.  Please follow these links to access the information:


MPS Wellbeing Handbook

Code Of Conduct

Wellbeing Overview


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