Code Camp

Code Camp


We are excited to be bringing Minecraft Engineers to Murrumbeena Primary School for Term 3!

Please find your flyer attached, and your booking link is HERE

Here are the dates and timings for Term 3 sessions:

Class Type: Minecraft Engineers
Day: Thursday
Dates: 20th July to 7th September
Times: 3:45-5:00pm

Code Camp Flyer



Minecraft Engineers is our latest exciting blend of coding, engineering, and creativity using everyone’s favourite game: Minecraft!This new 8-week program is designed to pique students' curiosity and provide a foundation in engineering and programming using a game that we know students absolutely love -- Minecraft! In the first term of Minecraft Engineers, students will learn to build a rollercoaster throughout the term by learning and applying basic engineering concepts and command-based programming in an age-appropriate way.What will your budding engineer build after-school?


Curious Minds is a wonderful STEAM exploration program for K-2 which has been incredibly popular since we launched last year so we are very excited to bring this to your school! This 8-week program explores how technology and science are shaping our world. We refresh the content each term and past concepts have included virtual reality, electric cars, cryptocurrency, super seaweed, renewable plastics, microchipping and more. Each week we're teaching our littlest students about a BIG IDEA via fun and engaging hands-on activities. Your kids will come home and teach you!

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